2016/6/6 16:55:39

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HTIC students Hanao Ishikawa and Yohei Tanaka participated in the Mylan WTT Rec League tennis tournament in Las Vegas, May 5-8, 2016. Hanao and Yohei were invited by HTIC graduate Aru Uemura to join a tennis team in Honolulu called “Wasabi Ginger” and have been a part of the team since April. One of 80 teams from 16 different states to qualify for the Las Vegas tournament, the “Wasabi Ginger” team was one of only nine teams to win their division title and advance to the Mylan WTT Nationals to be played in Indian Wells, California (near Palm Springs), November 4-6, 2016.

CONGRATULATIONS to Hanao and Yohei and to the National Qualifier “Wasabi Ginger” team! Good luck at nationals in California in November!

Hanao and Yohei’s winning team members include team captain Kazuhiro Kurokawa, Daisuke Takagi, Donald Geil, Mary Ann Esteban, Naoto Miyazaki, Natsumi Fujii, Atsuko Sato, and Cody Kobayashi.

2016/5/27 11:58:42

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A team of six HTIC students placed first among all student teams at the 2016 Honolulu Ekiden & Music event on May 22. Atsuo Shinohara, Ryo Kuribayashi, Atsuki Kurosawa, Yuya Fujiyoshi, Daigo Kondo, and Takumi Takeuchi ran a 26.2 mile (42.2 km) relay race with a time of 3:01:23 and beat out all other student teams.

In addition, nearly 40 students left HTIC at 4:00 AM to volunteer for this event. Afterwards they were able to meet and take photos with some famous comedians from Japan -- Wakky, Tomoharu Shoji, Yosuke Ochi, Taro Yabe, Takehiro Kumagai, and Takayuki Kuwaori.

2016/5/9 17:19:44

HTIC students did an outstanding job in presenting "Charity Night For Kumamoto!" on May 6, 2016 for the HTIC, UHWO and Kapolei communities. In addition to the delicious food (mahalo to Sherwood and David and team), there were performances by HTIC's Music Club and Hula Club as well as raffles and games. Donations received will be sent to support disaster relief efforts underway in Kumamoto Prefecture.

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2016/5/6 12:23:43

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On April 27, 2016, all 57 Core 1 students (College Preparatory Program) visited Punahou School. They joined Punahou’s Japanese language classes and went on campus tours with the students. Please read their comments:

1. Yesterday I went to Punahou School, it is big place and many building. And many get friends because I am happy. -Yuki Kuwahara

2. I received a culture shock but it was a good experience. -Saori Tsuchiya

3. I experienced talking to punahou school student. It is so exciting. -Haruki Yoshimizu

4. I went to Punahou high school. I enjoyed language discussion. Japanese and English discussion. I talked new friends. I went to high school around. It was very fun. -Takahiro Sato

5. Punahou School students are friendly and talkative, so I had a good time.
-Marika Aono

6. I could make a lot of new friends. -Hiroki Yakushiji

7. I was talking about many Japan things. -Naoya Kimba

8. I have to study English because I was able to never speak English. -Daigo Kondo

9. I can get very nice experience in Punahou School. I can get some new friends. If I can go to Punahou School again, I want to go school festival. -Kazutaka Saigo

10. The connecting with world people is very fun. -Kotaro Hiroguchi

11. I enjoyed Punahou School. Because I can exchange language. And, they taught me English and their favorite place in Hawaii. -Kensho Matsuzaki

12. I enjoyed Punahou field trip because it was very interesting. At Punahou field trip I made many friends. Punahou field trip was very great experience. -Yohei Kobayashi

13. I enjoyed to talk with Punahou students. Because I wanted to talk with students. -Yuki Ishida

14. I enjoyed tour in school. Because I walked to the Punahou school campus. There are a lot of buildings. It was interesting. -Wonggu Kim

15. I enjoyed to talk with Punahou High School students. Because they were very friendly. So excited! -Takuya Nagata

16. I enjoyed talking with Punahou High School students. Because I wanted to talk in English with Punahou High School students. -Azumi Kunishima

17. I had a good time at Punahou School. Because I talked with Punahou High School students. -Michiru Utsunomiya

18. I enjoyed the field trip to Punahou because I had many friends, and they were friendly. So I had a good day. -Kenshi Takizawa

19. I enjoyed Punahou field trip because I made many friends. They taught English to me. -Rina Kitazawa

20. A lot of people. They are very good speak Japanese. - Ren Ariga

21. I made many friends. I learned difference culture. -Mako Kondo

22. I thought Punahou’s School students are speak Japanese very well. It was surprised to me. -Harley Nishimura

23. I thought Punahou School was very big. This school has many students. The students are very kind to us. -Joichi Saito

24. I think “it is very missed,” the reason why I thought because when I was SHIP student, I came this school for my survey. I made new friends. It was very happy.
-Itsuki Sato

25. Punahou students speak Japanese well, and so much kind. I hope I want to see them again. -Momona Sumi

26. I was surprised, because Japanese anime is very famous. Punahou high school is very big and beautiful. -Sae Tsuruoka

27. I felt very difficult, because I don’t speak English very well. However, it is fun to talk for me in Punahou school. I made many friends. -Shoya Ushijima

28. They are very friendly and speak Japanese very well. Their school is large. It was many building. -Mizuki Ushiyama

29. There are many students in Punahou. They speak Japanese very well. I made friends. They are kind. -Mizuki Yasui

30. I enjoyed to talk with Punahou students! They were very friendly !! So, I want to play with them !! -Naoyoshi Yoshikawa

31. Japanese were surprised at the good. It was fun to play baseball as children!
-Ryo Sato

32. Punahou students speak Japanese very well!! So we are speak Japanese so many, but I leaned once word. It is "elementally school". It was happy time. -Hiroto Kuriki

33. This field trip was very good. I could talk about a lot of things. For example Japanese food, Hawaii food, hobbies, and Punahou school. Punahou school students spoke Japanese very well. I want to go again. -Yuta Sasaki

34. Punahou students is very kind of me. I could know good spots in Hawaii. -Kaito Kojima

35. I went to Punahou school. This field trip was very good. I enjoyed. -Yu Hoshina

36. Punahou high school is so large. I want to use that campus. Punahou students are very kind. I was surprise. -Haruna Tanaka

37. I went to Punahou campus for last week. I enjoyed Punahou when I maked a lot of Punahou friends. After Punahou campus, we went to Eggs ‘n Things. I ate pancake so very delicious. I was very happy day. -Ryuta Hieda

38. I went to Punahou School for last week. I enjoyed Punahou School. Because I make Punahou friends. I play American football and catchball with Punahou elementary school. After Punahou school, I went to Waikiki Beach. I get sunburned and sleeped in the beach. After I came back Kapolei, we ate McDonald’s. I had good day. -Koki

39. I enjoyed visiting in Punahou. Punahou makes dreadful facilities. For example, pool, basket stage, and library. And I enjoyed talking with Punahou’s students. They are friendly and funny. I had a good time. -Yuki Takei

40. We went to Punahou High School. It’s huge area there. Many student study in Punahou High School. Everyone has good brain. We interact with Japanese class.
-Rin Hashizume

41. They like music. They play music. Obama write “I am King Obama” on the floor. It has big ground. -Koya Arai

42. Punahou High School is very big campus and friendly student. Japanese class students are good at English. -Yoshitaka

43. I enjoyed to visit Punahou High School. I really like ceramics studio and art room. There were a lot of nice works. And I could have good conversation with Punahou students in English and Japanese. -Minami Ozawa

44. I could talk a lot with new friends in English. I made new friends. I enjoyed talking with Punahou students. I want to visit there again. -Teppei Yoshino

45. Punahou is a good place. I made new friends. It was a great experience. I want to go to a college like Punahou. -Ayako Kitamura

46. They speak japanese very well! So I’m amazing!! We had a lot of good time. Thank you punahou students!! -Keishiro

47. Speak Japanese well! I was glad to be able to talk with the person of various countries. -Juri

48. It was so good. I would like to go again for punahou school. -Itsuki

49. I had a fun time at punahou school. I made a lot of new friends. We changed our LINE ID and I promise to play tennis with them. -Rikiya

50. I enjoyed field trip. I was able to know a lot of American School. -Iori

51. That interaction really stimulated me. I want to talk with native speaker more. -Yuga

52. It was a good experience and wonderful memory for me. I would like to go again if there are some opportunities. -Takumi

53. I was so surprised because punahou students speaking Japanese well. I had a great time with punahou students. -Mai

54. I was happy to talk with Punahou students. I enjoyed school trip with them. I want to study more for communication. -Kosuke

55. Going to Punahou high school and talking with students there was a good time for me. -Yuka

2016/5/4 12:33:26

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On April 18, 2016 I had the privilege of running the 120th Boston Marathon - the oldest known annual marathon in the world. It was an unforgettable experience that I had been dreaming of for several years. I am now a member of the coveted “Boston” club.

Last year I decided to try to qualify for the Boston Marathon. I needed to run 26.2 miles (42 km) in less than three hours and forty five minutes. This was a big goal, but I did it! I was then eligible to apply to enter the Boston Marathon. After eagerly waiting for about a month, I finally found out that I had been accepted. And my journey to Boston began.

After months of training and preparation, the day finally arrived. It started out spectacularly. The weather was perfect, and I was filled with excitement. I put my “Hawaii” running shirt on and headed for the bus that would take me to the race start. About 45 minutes later, I arrived at the athletes village where thousands of runners were nervously warming up and stretching. I made my way through the crowd and walked to the famous “Hawaii Hale,” a house right in front of the start line where all the runners from Hawaii meet before the race. Before I knew it, it was time for me to enter my corral. As I stood there amongst the crowd of runners, the anticipation began to build. I couldn’t wait to start. Over the next 26.2 miles, I was endlessly cheered by the 500,000 spectators that were lining the course. It was magical! I think I heard “Go Hawaii” about a million times. Those cheers pushed me up over every hill all the way to the finish line. As I ran towards the finish line, I said a silent prayer for the spectators that were killed and injured in the 2013 bombing. Two of the survivors completed the marathon this year running with prosthetic legs. How inspirational!

I learned so much about the history of the Marathon and the city. I learned that this year was the 50th year of women in the Boston Marathon. The first woman ever to complete the Boston marathon, Roberta “Bobbi” Gibb, had to hide in the bushes and jump onto the course because women were banned. The following year, the race director attempted to drag the second woman to run the marathon, Kathrine Switzer, off the course. Fortunately, Kathrine’s boyfriend, who was running with her, tackled him, and she was able to finish the marathon. I had no idea that women had struggled so much for the chance to simply participate. I am thankful to those pioneers who fought for women’s rights and paved the way for women runners today.

Boston has been the scene of several key events of the American Revolution, such as the Boston Massacre, the Boston Tea Party, the Battle of Bunker Hill, and the Siege of Boston, but it will always hold a special place for me as the place where I could continue the tradition of women achieving their goals.

Rose Paradise
Associate Professor
Hawaii Tokai International College

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