2015/1/2 16:01:06

HTIC offers a chance for its students to attend programs in Japan, Korea, and China to study the language and culture of these countries. This program is unique; study abroad is seldom found associated with most A.A. degree programs. The following is from Kara, one of the college's local students currently studying at Tokai University in Japan. Best of luck Kara with the rest of your studies!

"On September 10, 2014, my dream of studying abroad in Japan became a reality. Thanks to HTICís DEA Program, I am now studying the Japanese language, experiencing the culture, and meeting a lot of international students during my six-month stay abroad.

"To my surprise, I tested into the Level 6 foreign exchange student class, which is equivalent to the material sixth and seventh graders learn (in Japan). From Monday to Friday, I attend three 1-Ĺ hour classes where we cover topics such as grammar, kanji, and speaking.

"In the future, I want to become a Japanese language teacher in Hawaii. As a result, I have taken the time to find volunteer services where I can obtain teaching experience and improve my Japanese speaking skills. With the help of advisors, I have become an English language tutor and a guest Hawaii culture lecturer at a few events. When I can catch a breather, I also explore the nearby area with the many Japanese and international friends I have made here. So far, I have seen the natural wonders of Hakone, the many temples of Kamakura, and the busy city life of Yokohama. With a busy schedule like mine, itís no wonder three months have flown by so quickly!"

--Kara N.

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2015/1/2 11:02:16

The Office of Student Services at HTIC has launched a new website for students (http://htic-oss.weebly.com/). The site's home page is divided into four sections: Admissions, Academics, Student Life, and Career.

Under "Admissions," prospective students can find information about HTIC, the application process, tuition & fees, financial aid, and how to enter the United States. "Academics" provides information on the different types of study programs and courses that HTIC offers, including the College Preparatory Program, the Liberal Arts Program, and the Discover East Asia Study Abroad Program.

In the "Student Life" section, current students will find useful tips on living in Hawaii, including information pertaining to banking, transportation, health, housing, and activities. Finally, the "Career" section is a great resource for students preparing to transfer to a four-year university or work after graduating from HTIC.

Please check out this new website and feel free to contact a staff member in the Office of Student Services if you have any questions.

2015/1/2 11:02:00

The Office of Student Services held another Transfer Workshop for students in October to help HTIC graduates through the transfer process. Even your first term as a Liberal Arts student is not too soon to start thinking about what you want to do after graduating from HTIC. Students should start early in researching schools, talking with advisors, and establishing a post-graduation plan.

The following are recent HTIC alums currently attending the University of Oregon and Minnesota State University, Mankato.

Name: Kohei (on left)
Hometown: Hyogo, Japan
Major/Minor: Business Administration/Economics
Reason for attending UO: Good business school

Name: Sumire (second from left)
Hometown: Chiba, Japan
Major/Minor: Economics/Business
Reason for attending UO: Safety, environment, major

Name: Shiori (third from left)
Hometown: Kanagawa. Japan
Major/Minor: Linguistics
Reason for attending UO: University transfer agreement with HTIC, major

Name: Yusuke (on right)
Hometown: Tokyo, Japan
Major/Minor: Business Administration (Sports Marketing)
Reason for attending UO: One of the best sports marketing schools in the U.S.

Name: Kenshi (on left)
Hometown: Tokyo, Japan
Major/Minor: International Business

Name: Keisuke (second from left)
Hometown: Tokyo, Japan
Major/Minor: Sports Management

Name: Masaya (third from left)
Hometown: Saga, Japan
Major/Minor: International Relations

Name: Mako (on right)
Hometown: Kyoto, Japan
Major/Minor: Mass Media

As these students continue to work hard to achieve their dreams, their advice for current HTIC students is to "study hard!" One student offers the following words of wisdom: "Think carefully about your next step. Try to choose the school that fits your career. If you have time between your HTIC AA-degree graduation and the start of your BA/BS program at your next school, think about doing an internship to gain experience."

2014/9/2 10:13:34

The History of the Hawaiian Islands class (HIST 284) went on a field trip to downtown Honolulu last week to explore both historical and contemporary Hawaiʻi politics and history. They first visited ʻIolani Palace to explore the Hawaiian Kingdom past and witness this sacred site that was home to the Aliʻi. After taking a tour of the Palace, the next visit was to observe part of a current and on-going court case, one that is highlighting the fact that state legislators should live in the area that they represent. Both of these visits brought to life the course work that we have been studying this summer session.

2014/8/28 10:50:23

College Preparatory Program Core 5 teacher, Mr. William Gosline, took his class on a field trip on August 27 to visit one of Oahu's largest Hawaiian heiau, Ulu Po. Tucked away just off the highway near Castle junction, this hidden cultural treasure overlooks the Kawaihae marsh. Students took many photos (of course!) but also learned something about the history and flora of traditional Hawaii. The students were pleased to find that kalo (taro) is still being grown at this site in lo`i, as well as other important staples such as uala and ulu. Though the trip was brief (and Wataru was eaten by mosquitoes) it provided an important glimpse for the students into the world of ancient Hawaii.

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