2014/5/1 13:10:25

On April 9, 2014, students of POLSCI 220: “International Relations” accompanied their instructor in a visit to the East West Center (EWC) to attend a lecture/workshop organized by University of Hawaii graduate students. The guest lecturer, Dr. Barbara Watson Andaya, Professor of Asian Studies, presented the concept of “Single Ocean”—which refers to connecting the world and people beyond territorial or historical divides—and discussed potentials for international cooperation and exchange under the Single Ocean. A recent Single Ocean example would be the effort to search for the missing Flight MH370 in the Indian Ocean. The POLSCI class felt honored to participate in the thought-provoking workshop that followed the talk. Some parts of the lecture were challenging for these sophomore students, but they found the topic intriguing. The students were also impressed with the ethnic diversity of the EWC students and their “go-green” actions; e.g., bringing their own plates and utensils to use at the banquet. The class thanks Ms. Mary Hammond and Ms. Djunaidy for inviting us to this memorable event!

2014/3/14 11:04:25

The Arts and Culture Appreciation Club's most recent event, attendance at a performance of the Lion King, has been the club's most successful event yet, with twenty-two students in attendance. Our experience was fun and phenomenal! The actors performed beautifully, becoming one with the puppets to become the characters they portrayed. It was as if the puppets were actual animals.

After the musical, we were very fortunate to have the actor who played "Zazu," Mr. Andrew Gorrell, come to visit us at HTIC. This was a pleasant surprise! He talked about how he became an actor, where he grew up, the people he met during his tours, and about the characters he has portrayed. We were able to ask him questions that he answered thoughtfully and energetically. I am so glad we were able to have this charismatic man come to our school, and I just cannot believe that all of this happened.

When we started the Arts and Culture Appreciation Club this past year, I did not expect so many people to join, but the club has become a huge success. My fellow club officers, Desiree and Katie, have helped me a great deal in planning and promoting our activities. We have organized a Diamond Head Hike, visited the KCC’s Farmer’s market, and hosted a Karaoke party. The Arts and Cultural Appreciation club has helped us create new memories for ourselves and for the HTIC community. More events are planned, so please join us!
--Kiana Y., Club President

2014/2/24 12:24:37

On February 6, 2014, an award reception was held at Hawaii Tokai International College to honor all Hawaii participants and award winners in the 25th Annual Shizuoka Friendship Postcard Art Contest sponsored by Tokai University Junior College, Shizuoka Campus and Hawaii Tokai International College.

We would like to thank all of you who participated in the contest by sharing your talent, love for art and cultural exchange. We look forward to your participation in the next Shizuoka Friendship Postcard Art Contest and having some new faces join us!

2014/2/3 9:43:00

HTIC would like to congratulate these HTIC graduates for their recent and continuing successes!

Otono Naniwa (Summer 2010 Graduate; Fall 2013 Graduate of Tulane University):

Otono just graduated with a B.A. from the Freeman School of Business at Tulane University in December 2013 with a major in Management and a minor in Accounting.
Of her experience, Otono writes: "What I learned at HTIC really helped me, both with transferring to Tulane and with my graduation there. My first semester at Tulane was really hard. I felt lonely, and study was very hard, but gradually I got use to things. The Business school program was really good. Being a minority there was difficult at first, but it was great getting to know more people from different countries and cultures. I really enjoyed interaction in the classes and speaking English with amazing people! I just graduated December 2013, and I am currently looking for a job!"

Ken Hamanaka (Summer 2010 grad and former Student Government President; May 2013 Graduate of West Virginia University):

Ken graduated from West Virginia University in May 2013, and was then hired as an assistant coach at Lycoming College in Williamsport, PA., which is a Division 3 school.

Ken writes: "What I do is pretty much everything! (lol) ... mainly scouting and video stuff, but assisting [the] head coach, helping recruiting staff, organizing road games (itineraries), equipment stuff, etc... For now, my future plan is to be a head coach for the Japan national team. This may change though. I also went to Estonia last summer with the Division 1 College All Star Team as an assistant/operation guy."

Natsuka Koizumi (Winter 2010 Grad and former Student Government Speaker):

Natsuka majored in psychology at the University of Maryland University College, in Yokota Air Base in Tokyo, Japan.

Natsuka writes: "I am still working at a local elementary school to help the students with their English lessons and at my parents' company. But I was just hired by the City hall. I will start working there from April!"

Yoichi Tamaki (HTIC Winter 2011 Graduate and Tokai University DDP Student)

As you've read already (see article below), Yoichi is studying international relations at Moscow State Institute International Relations (MGIMO) in Moscow, Russia. He is in the first year of his Master's degree program and eventually wants to find a job in Moscow or elsewhere in Russia.

We will post further graduate updates shortly!

2014/1/16 10:20:18

HTIC graduate Yoichi Tamaki (C'11) is currently studying Russian foreign policy as well as international relations between Russia, Japan, and the United States in a graduate program at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations. Recently interviewed for a Russian newspaper, Yoichi explained that Russia and its people continue to fascinate and interest him. (See attached video in Japanese). He is learning a great deal from this experience while becoming a true global citizen!

We, the HTIC learning community, would like to send a warm Aloha to Yoichi, who misses Hawaii's tropical weather and Asian foods!"

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