2015/11/2 16:06:27

Ms. Kurumi Kanamori, Class of 2013, will soon make her long-time dream come true. Kurumi recently passed the certificate exam to teach English at public junior high schools in Yokohama, Japan. Kurumi graduates from Tokai University (School of Letters) in March and will teach English at a public school in Yokohama starting April. She is grateful for her experiences at HTIC, [without which] “I could not have come this far. My experiences at HTIC will continue to assist me in various aspects. I greatly appreciate every one who has supported me. I will continue to learn and improve myself so that I can be a better teacher.”

2015/10/20 13:42:21

Students from Hawaii Tokai International College (HTIC) and the University of Hawaii–West Oahu (UHWO) enjoyed a Peer Mentor Picnic at Magic Island on Saturday, October 17, 2015. The Peer Mentorship program for UHWO students and HTIC Liberal Arts students was initiated in the Fall 2015 term by the HTIC Office of Student Services (OSS) and is an example of the growing and mutually beneficial partnership between HTIC and UHWO. The Peer Mentorship program assists HTIC students with the transition to college life in Hawaii and provides students from both campuses the opportunity to learn new cultures while sharing their own. OSS hopes to further expand this program in future terms. Students interested in becoming a mentor should contact Academic Liaison Officer Erin Fukumoto at efukumoto@tokai.edu.

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2015/9/14 14:00:00

Five HTIC students are spending their Fall semester abroad. Zachary Agcaoili, a graduate of Pacific Buddhist Academy, and Aulani Pang, a graduate of Leilehua High School, will study at Hanyang University in Korea. Honoka‘a graduate Ryan Haskill and Waiakea graduates Karren Gonong and Jaren Layaoen will study at Tokai University in Japan.

Before participating in HTIC’s Discover East Asia program, students are required to take language classes and two or three courses related to East Asia. They will earn at least three Japanese, Korean, or Chinese language credits while abroad, depending on the country of study. Upon returning to HTIC, each student will make a presentation (in Japanese, Korean, or Chinese) and submit a cross-cultural reflection paper or complete a similar project.

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2015/9/12 10:38:00

Mr. Yoichi Tamaki, a former Double-Degree Program (DDP) graduate of HTIC's Associate of Arts' degree program, recently earned his MA from Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO). Known in Russian as Московский Госдарственый Институт Межднародных Отношение МИД России (МГИМО), MGIMO is part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Yoichi reported that "A Russian student's life was completely different from the American and Japanese ones. Experience from the countries of Japan, the United States, and Russia have given me critical viewpoints and a unique understanding of international society."

Congratulations Yoichi!

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2015/8/5 16:27:29

In Spring 2015, Core 5 College Preparatory students completed a unit on Environmental Health where they learned about environmental issues and environmental philosophy. To coincide with this class, teachers organized a beach cleanup.

As a part of this event, the students were assigned to write journal reflections, and then, using Google slides, present for 8 minutes on an environmental issue in a developing country.

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