2014/9/2 10:13:34

The History of the Hawaiian Islands class (HIST 284) went on a field trip to downtown Honolulu last week to explore both historical and contemporary Hawaiʻi politics and history. They first visited ʻIolani Palace to explore the Hawaiian Kingdom past and witness this sacred site that was home to the Aliʻi. After taking a tour of the Palace, the next visit was to observe part of a current and on-going court case, one that is highlighting the fact that state legislators should live in the area that they represent. Both of these visits brought to life the course work that we have been studying this summer session.

2014/8/28 10:50:23

College Preparatory Program Core 5 teacher, Mr. William Gosline, took his class on a field trip on August 27 to visit one of Oahu's largest Hawaiian heiau, Ulu Po. Tucked away just off the highway near Castle junction, this hidden cultural treasure overlooks the Kawaihae marsh. Students took many photos (of course!) but also learned something about the history and flora of traditional Hawaii. The students were pleased to find that kalo (taro) is still being grown at this site in lo`i, as well as other important staples such as uala and ulu. Though the trip was brief (and Wataru was eaten by mosquitoes) it provided an important glimpse for the students into the world of ancient Hawaii.

2014/6/4 17:31:41

This past weekend (6/1/14), HTIC had two teams that ran in the Honolulu Ekiden 2014. These teams, made up of six students each, ran the total length of a marathon (26.2 miles), from the base of Diamond Head at Kapiolani Park, eastward along the coast, past popular Hanauma Bay, and as far as famous Sandy Beach before turning back.

One of the HTIC teams, "The Cauliflowers," distinguished itself by placing 4th out of 163 teams and 1st in the category of College/University teams with a time of 2:55:33 (2 hrs, 55 mins, 33 secs). Congratulations Cauliflowers!!

Congrats as well to the second HTIC team (appropriately calling themselves "HTIC"), which placed 21st out of 163 teams with a time of 3:28:32 (3 hrs, 28 mins, 32 secs).

Congratulations to all our runners!

The "Cauliflowers," pictured here, are (from left): Shunsuke Nakamura, Yamato Watanabe, Atsuki Kurosawa, Sohei Fujita, Atsuo Shinohara, and Yuya Fujiyoshi.

2014/5/1 13:10:25

On April 9, 2014, students of POLSCI 220: “International Relations” accompanied their instructor in a visit to the East West Center (EWC) to attend a lecture/workshop organized by University of Hawaii graduate students. The guest lecturer, Dr. Barbara Watson Andaya, Professor of Asian Studies, presented the concept of “Single Ocean”—which refers to connecting the world and people beyond territorial or historical divides—and discussed potentials for international cooperation and exchange under the Single Ocean. A recent Single Ocean example would be the effort to search for the missing Flight MH370 in the Indian Ocean. The POLSCI class felt honored to participate in the thought-provoking workshop that followed the talk. Some parts of the lecture were challenging for these sophomore students, but they found the topic intriguing. The students were also impressed with the ethnic diversity of the EWC students and their “go-green” actions; e.g., bringing their own plates and utensils to use at the banquet. The class thanks Ms. Mary Hammond and Ms. Djunaidy for inviting us to this memorable event!

2014/3/14 11:04:25

The Arts and Culture Appreciation Club's most recent event, attendance at a performance of the Lion King, has been the club's most successful event yet, with twenty-two students in attendance. Our experience was fun and phenomenal! The actors performed beautifully, becoming one with the puppets to become the characters they portrayed. It was as if the puppets were actual animals.

After the musical, we were very fortunate to have the actor who played "Zazu," Mr. Andrew Gorrell, come to visit us at HTIC. This was a pleasant surprise! He talked about how he became an actor, where he grew up, the people he met during his tours, and about the characters he has portrayed. We were able to ask him questions that he answered thoughtfully and energetically. I am so glad we were able to have this charismatic man come to our school, and I just cannot believe that all of this happened.

When we started the Arts and Culture Appreciation Club this past year, I did not expect so many people to join, but the club has become a huge success. My fellow club officers, Desiree and Katie, have helped me a great deal in planning and promoting our activities. We have organized a Diamond Head Hike, visited the KCC’s Farmer’s market, and hosted a Karaoke party. The Arts and Cultural Appreciation club has helped us create new memories for ourselves and for the HTIC community. More events are planned, so please join us!
--Kiana Y., Club President

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