2015/9/12 10:38:00

Mr. Yoichi Tamaki, a former Double-Degree Program (DDP) graduate of HTIC's Associate of Arts' degree program, recently earned his MA from Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO). Known in Russian as Московский Госдарственый Институт Межднародных Отношение МИД России (МГИМО), MGIMO is part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Yoichi reported that "A Russian student's life was completely different from the American and Japanese ones. Experience from the countries of Japan, the United States, and Russia have given me critical viewpoints and a unique understanding of international society."

Congratulations Yoichi!

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2015/8/5 16:27:29

In Spring 2015, Core 5 College Preparatory students completed a unit on Environmental Health where they learned about environmental issues and environmental philosophy. To coincide with this class, teachers organized a beach cleanup.

As a part of this event, the students were assigned to write journal reflections, and then, using Google slides, present for 8 minutes on an environmental issue in a developing country.

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2015/3/30 10:40:00

On Saturday, February 28, 2015, College Preparatory Professor Domingo took 19 HTIC students and me to participate in a whale watching / whale counting volunteer activity on the Makapuíu Lighthouse trail. It was part of the whale count held held each year by the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuaries (NOAA).

At first I was hesitant about going because we had to meet early in the morning. Also, I am not a fan of hiking unknown areas. Nevertheless, I went, and I am so thankful I did so. The day was beautiful with clear skies and a light rain, although it was really windy. When we reached our spot halfway up the Makapuíu trail, I felt like I was back in my childhood home on Kauai. There we have an amazing view of the ocean, and during whale season, we often sit and watch for whales. At Makapuíu, however, it was better. We were so close to the ocean and could see many sprays from the blowholes of both mothers and calves when they surfaced. There were some awesome breaches, pectoral slaps, tail slaps, and all the other fun things that whales do to let us know they're out there.

I worked together with Prof. Domingo to count the whales, and our tally of the different ways to count the whales added up to between 80-90 whales in the four hours we were out there. This experience re-sparked my passion to take time to sit down, relax, and enjoy whale watching here in the Islands.

Keanna Woodward

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2015/1/2 16:01:06

HTIC offers a chance for its students to attend programs in Japan, Korea, and China to study the language and culture of these countries. This program is unique; study abroad is seldom found associated with most A.A. degree programs. The following is from Kara, one of the college's local students currently studying at Tokai University in Japan. Best of luck Kara with the rest of your studies!

"On September 10, 2014, my dream of studying abroad in Japan became a reality. Thanks to HTICís DEA Program, I am now studying the Japanese language, experiencing the culture, and meeting a lot of international students during my six-month stay abroad.

"To my surprise, I tested into the Level 6 foreign exchange student class, which is equivalent to the material sixth and seventh graders learn (in Japan). From Monday to Friday, I attend three 1-Ĺ hour classes where we cover topics such as grammar, kanji, and speaking.

"In the future, I want to become a Japanese language teacher in Hawaii. As a result, I have taken the time to find volunteer services where I can obtain teaching experience and improve my Japanese speaking skills. With the help of advisors, I have become an English language tutor and a guest Hawaii culture lecturer at a few events. When I can catch a breather, I also explore the nearby area with the many Japanese and international friends I have made here. So far, I have seen the natural wonders of Hakone, the many temples of Kamakura, and the busy city life of Yokohama. With a busy schedule like mine, itís no wonder three months have flown by so quickly!"

--Kara N.

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2015/1/2 11:02:16

The Office of Student Services at HTIC has launched a new website for students (http://htic-oss.weebly.com/). The site's home page is divided into four sections: Admissions, Academics, Student Life, and Career.

Under "Admissions," prospective students can find information about HTIC, the application process, tuition & fees, financial aid, and how to enter the United States. "Academics" provides information on the different types of study programs and courses that HTIC offers, including the College Preparatory Program, the Liberal Arts Program, and the Discover East Asia Study Abroad Program.

In the "Student Life" section, current students will find useful tips on living in Hawaii, including information pertaining to banking, transportation, health, housing, and activities. Finally, the "Career" section is a great resource for students preparing to transfer to a four-year university or work after graduating from HTIC.

Please check out this new website and feel free to contact a staff member in the Office of Student Services if you have any questions.

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