2007/10/2 16:45:00

The HTIC Fall Convocation was held at 11:30 A.M. on Monday, October 1, 2007. The ceremony began with a welcome by Student President Takaaki Honda followed by an introduction of Student Government leaders. Vice Chancellor Douglas Fuqua then spoke on the theme of "The Road to Success" on behalf of Chancellor Naoto Yoshikawa, who is currently in Japan and Korea on college business.

The College recognized those students who completed their College Preparatory Program over the past summer and gained acceptance into the two-year college. These students--Eri Tominaga, Marie Hirakata, Steffie Tuan, Takayoshi Tanaka, and Mai Furuyashiki--were presented with Certificates of Completion. All students also received Hawaii Tokai's traditional Kukui Pendant, which symbolizes "the enlightenment that comes with learning." In addition, two College Prep students were recognized for high achievement on their TOEFL scores. Both Akiko Fukuwa and Ryoji Okada became members of HTIC's 500+ Club for scoring higher than 500 on their summer TOEFL tests.

The College also extended a warm aloha to all new HTIC students, both those admitted to the College Prep Program and those admitted to the Liberal Arts College. In the case of the latter, HTIC was pleased to welcome a diverse freshman class comprised of U.S., Taiwanese, and Japanese students.

New adjunct faculty were introduced to the HTIC Learning Community. New Liberal Arts adjunct faculty members for the Fall 2007 Term are: Naiad Wong (World History), Wayne Takazono (Art) and Yukiko Yamaguchi (Japanese Language). Joining the College Preparatory Program as adjunct instructors are Jan Marcec, Minori Murata, and Daniel Silver.

Finally, special recognition was given to Shu Hikichi, who won first place
for the best essay by a non-native English speaker on the topic of peace in an “Expressions of Peace” contest promoting The State of Hawaii's inaugural Peace Day. Shu’s English 100 instructor Teuta Rizaj presented him with the prizes and certificates that his essay won.

2007/9/20 12:30:00

Dr. Naoto Yoshikawa was formally installed as the Chancellor of Hawaii Tokai International College in a ceremony held at 6:30 pm on September 19 in the HTIC reception hall on the 19th floor of the Tokai University Pacific Center. Dr. Yoshikawa, who took up his post in January 2007, was formally inaugurated as Chancellor by the Board of Trustees members Dr. Tatsuro Matsumae (Chair), Dr. Edward Shultz (Vice Chair), Mr. Yamada Kiyoshi, Dr. Sounosuke Katori, Mr. Yoshiyuki Ogo, Mr. Akira Ohtomo, Ms. Duk Hee Murabayashi, Dr. Lawrence Foster, and Mr. Jerry Burris.

Dr. Yoshikawa, addressing the 75 faculty, staff, and supporters who attended the reception, reaffirmed his commitment to diversifying HTIC’s student body, making the school even more embedded in the local community, and promoting the Tokai University Educational System’s global mission to offer a liberal arts education that will cultivate the next generation of peace-builders.

Chancellor Yoshikawa urged the attendees – many of them prominent members of Hawaii’s academic and Asian-American community – for their support. He explained, “I believe that, with all of your help, HTIC will become a “community college” in the true sense of the word “community,” -- an associational institution whose students are productively engaged with their communities and whose graduates become citizens who contribute meaningfully to the global or international community.”

2007/7/1 15:01:00

HTIC extends a warm aloha to all new and returning students, faculty, and staff as we enter Summer Sessions I and II.
Spring Term 2007, which ended on June 15, had welcomed the largest number of new College Prep students in the history of the College! HTIC now congratulates these students for successfully completing their first term in the College Preparatory program. HTIC also congratulates those College Prep students who have completed this program and gained admission to HTIC’s Liberal Arts (LA) Program to pursue their Associate in Arts degrees.

The KCC Freeman Language Study program students who participated in the Japan program and completed their HTIC studies in Japanese History and Japanese Anthropology during our Winter term are now nearing the end of their cultural studies' program in Japan at Tokai University's Shonan campus. HTIC congratulates all these students for their hard work while living and studying at HTIC as a part of our Learning Community. We also congratulate them for their hard work at Tokai University in Japan. These students were: Roxanne Caires, Joel Yurkanin, Scott Edward Barber, Scott Whelden, Davin Schmidt, Devin Wong, Reid Tabata, Julius Taeza, Joshua Miyamoto, Alika Kenwell Dafun, and Karin Stalter. We wish them all the best as they complete their program in Japan!

The HTIC Learning Community also wishes to recognize the KCC Freeman Language scholars from the China Program who lived and studied on our campus until May of this year before leaving for their own cultural study program in China. These young China scholars were Hailey Beckey, Jenna Saito, Catherine Smith, Jay Viloria, Niroshan Kariapper, and Darcy Mahunui-Souza.
New Liberal Arts adjunct faculty members for the Summer 2007 Term are: Robert Arakaki (Political Science), Christine Hansen (English), Alan Lunt (Computers and Video Editing/Film Making), Peter Moore (Hawaiian History), Cesare Polenghi (Asian History) and John White (Economics). Joining the College Preparatory Program as adjunct instructors are Harold Chung, Joseph Holliday, and Hye-Young Sung.

2007/6/1 15:04:00

In early 2007, HTIC's held a number of "Laughter Yoga" classes for its students and for the Honolulu community in general. One of the first sessions, held in January, promoted cultural exchange between HTIC's regular student body, Hanyang University students from Korea enrolled at HTIC in a short-term program, and Kapiolani Community College students enrolled in HTIC Spring classes and living in HTIC's dormitory.

News of this event was reported by Mr Leland Kim, from KHNL's Channel 8 news crew, in an evening broadcast. For more on this story please read Laughter Yoga Breaks Cultural Barriers and to see parts of the broadcast itself, please check out Laughter Yoga Video by KHNL8

After this initial session was broadcast, HTIC held a number of other Laughter Yoga events, many of which were open to participation from the local Honolulu community. The Star Bulletin Newspaper reported on one such class. To read this article and to discover "10 good reasons to laugh," please click on the Star Bulletin's Yoga class offers large doses of guffaws.

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