2008/9/2 14:13:25

On Sunday September 21, from 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM, the yoga community in Honolulu is holding a yoga marathon in the HTIC auditorium to raise money for homeless families living on Oahu. In addition to featuring yoga (various styles and schools), mantras, dance, and meditation, live performances will be provided by "Underwater Radar" and other artists, in addition to special performances by IHS kids’ yoga class and kid’s ukulele by Uke N8ture. Healthy snacks and water will be provided by a number of local sponsors.

At least 80% of participant donations will go to two local organizations that help Hawaii’s homeless: HIS (The Institute for Human Services), which was founded in 1978 by Father Claude F. Du Teil and provides supportive services to homeless families; and H-5 (Hawaii Helping the Hungry Have Hope), which provides over 4000 meals a month and provides weekly after-school programs to approximately 80 local high school students. The remaining 20% of donations will go toward expenses incurred by the event.

The Yoga Marathon is held as a part of the United Nations’ "International Day of Peace," which was first established as an annual September event by a United Nations resolution in 1981. Last year was the first year that the State of Hawai'i joined this global endeavor with its own "Peace Day Hawai'i" celebration. At last year's celebration, HTIC was proud that one of its students, Mr. Shu Hikichi, was awarded top prize in the State’s "Adult, Non-Native Speaker Essay" category. This year, HTIC is honored to serve the yoga organizers as the venue for their important Peace Day fundraising event.

For more information, please contact the organizers of this event: Debbie Azama-Park dazamapark@hotmail.com or Jai Ma (Maria Steele) at mariasteele@msn.com.

2008/8/8 17:02:57

HTIC will host students from nine medical programs in Japan for a short-term Medical English Workshop to be held August 20-27.

The participants represent a number of distinguished university medical schools, including those at Tokai University, Kobe University, Kochi University, Tokyo University, Kyoto University, Hokkaido University, Chiba University, Hamamatsu Ika, and Oita University.

The workshop offers courses that teach Medical English and reinforce English communication for the medical professional. Participants in the workshop will also conduct clinical practice situations with University of Hawaii Medical School students.

Doctors in practice in Hawaii as well as a world-renowned surgeon, Dr. Ken Kimura, are scheduled to share their own perceptions and experiences with the Japanese medical students. Participants will also particpate in workshop sessions with Japanese residents training in hospitals in Hawaii.

*DECEMBER 2008 FOLLOW-UP: Please play the following Japanese language video to view 2008 workshop highlights:

2008/7/29 14:35:17

On Friday and Saturday, July 25-26, approximately 20 HTIC students participated in two events hosted by the Palolo Lion’s Club to honor 25 international students from 13 countries: Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, England, Finland, Germany, Israel, Italy, Mongolia, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, and Turkey. The HTIC students were invited as guests to the first event, but worked as volunteers in the second event as a part of the College’s efforts to encourage service learning in the local community.

The first event, held on Friday at the Palolo Community Center in Palolo Valley, Honolulu, was the “International Youth Summer Camp Pool Party.” HTIC students enjoyed a memorable night of fun interacting with the international students as well as with local MAAC and HCAP youths from Palolo Valley. Students were treated to pool time, a buffet dinner, and a movie presentation and award ceremony given by the local MAAP group. The pool party helped the visiting international students relax at the end of a three week summer camp that took them to beautiful sites on Oahu and Maui.

Those HTIC students who attended the pool party were Masato Ariga, Yaeko Okano, Hitomi Yahagi, Yoshimi Araki, Narumi Sugimura, Atsuto Matsumoto, Terumasa Kanzaki, Ken Hamanaka, Haruka Ishiwata, Kota Hobara, and Emi Iwai.

At the second event held on Saturday, about ten HTIC students volunteered time to serve food at the Lion’s International Youth Camp Farewell Dinner. This dinner was held at the Jarrett Middle School Cafeteria, with Lion’s Club members from all over the island coming together to say farewell to the international students. The three-hour dinner party showcased the many talents of the international students as they performed hula and an impressive “haka,” a traditional New Zealand warrior dance. It was apparent that the students put a lot of time into their practice for this performance. The evening was topped off with everyone holding hands and singing "Aloha O’e."

The HTIC students enjoyed volunteering and helping out with this community event. They worked hard in setting up, serving, and cleaning up for the farewell dinner on Saturday in honor of the international student visitors. Hopefully, they will learn from their experiences, encourage others to help out in the community, and continue to expand their own service learning experiences.

The ten students who volunteered at the Farewell Dinner were: Ayako Sato, Yurina Nakamura, Moeka Dobashi, Kosuke Muramoto, Masato Ariga, Yuko Watanabe, Emi Iwai, Mana Shiokawa, Ryohei Suzuki, and Shun Suzuki.

2008/7/29 13:58:15

Hawaii Tokai International College held its first "Bi-Annual Student Talent Show" in the College Cafeteria during the fourth week of the Summer Term on July 22, 23, and 24. Emceed by Class President Hirofumi Takasaki (July 22, 23) and College Prep Coordinator Nicholas Delzotto (July 24), the three-day event featured performances by College Preparatory students, College Liberal Arts (A.A degree program) students and some HTIC staff. Judges were impressed by the vast range of talent that was showcased in the show. Three performers demonstrated musical talent by playing different selections on the French horn, violin, and trumpet. These acts were joined by three other musical entries, two of which (teams of two students apiece) performed different original versions of music by the group "Green Day" and the third, an act that featured song and dance. In addition to these musical acts, other participants performed dance, stand-up comedy, magic, animal balloon-making, acrobatic cheerleading moves, and skateboarding (this last event was held outdoors).

In the end, the judges gave awards to these top acts:

1st Place: Mana Shiokawa / Moe Saito (Acrobatic Cheerleading Routine)
2nd place: Ayaka Soya / Otono Naniwa (Singing / Dance Performance)
3rd place: Takuma Hirako / Yuki Hirohata – (Magic Act)

Here are all the acts that performed each day:

Tuesday, July 22
Emcee: Hirofumi Takasaki
Kenshi Ichinomori - Violin (Titanic theme – “My Heart Will Go On”)
David Oshima - Japanese Stand-up Comedy
Kota Hobara - Hip Hop Dancing Routine
Takuma Hirako / Yuki Hirohata – Magic Act

Wednesday, July 23
Emcee: Hirofumi Takasaki
Kosuke Hashida – Trumpet (Disney’s “When you Wish Upon a Star”)
Yuki Tamura - Balloon Animals
Mayumi Yoshida - French Horn (Titanic Theme)
Narumi Sugimura – Dancing Routine

Thursday, July 24
Emcee: Nicholas Delzotto
Yukihiro Bando / Hirofumi Takasaki - Singing / Guitar (Green Day – “Time of Your Life”)
Yuya Nakagami / Kousuke Muramoto - Singing / Piano (Green Day)
Ayaka Soya / Otono Naniwa - Singing / Dance Routine
Mana Shiokawa / Moe Saito – Acrobatic Cheerleading
Kento Takahashi - SkateboardingJumps
Special Dance, Comedy Performance by Student Government Officers (Akiko, Yuki, Sherwood, and Andrew)

HTIC’s next Talent Show is scheduled for the Winter Term (January-March 2009). Interested participants please contact Student Support Specialist, Andrew Fujimoto, for more information.

2008/6/19 15:11:20

The College held its Spring 2008 Commencement Ceremony for Associate in Arts degree graduates on Saturday, June 14 at 4:00 pm in the HTIC Auditorium. The Commencement Address was delivered by Dr. Dan Boylan, Professor of History at the University of Hawaii, West Oahu, and a well-known commentator on local and national politics.

Also highlighting the afternoon’s ceremonies were speeches by two graduating students who were selected as class representatives: Ms. Kyung-Hee (Kelly) Kim and Mr. Yuki Moriya.

As a part of Ms. Kim's speech, she thanked members of the Learning Community noting that: "In this diverse, yet family-like, caring environment, I was inspired so much by one of the best groups of professors that I have ever encountered in my life and received many essential feedbacks and encouragements both inside and outside of the classroom to achieve my dream. Throughout it all, I have learned the important value of ethics, as well as what it means to be an effectively capable global citizen, and to respect individuality in harmony."

Mr. Moriya made a point in particular of thanking his classmates for their help and support. As a part of his speech, he commented that "Without my friends' help, I might have left HTIC much earlier. I often had difficult problems to deal with, but I had friends to help me in these situations. However, by getting over these problems and experiencing these hardships, we can happily graduate today. I believe that the precious experience we had here today will change our lives to the right and better direction."

The Faculty, Staff, and Administration of HTIC commend all of the Spring 2008 graduates for their hard work and successful completion of the Associate of Arts Degree program!

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