2008/1/15 15:50:00

Happy New Year! On January 14, HTIC held its Winter Convocation welcoming back returning students, faculty, and staff. Chancellor Yoshikawa and other speakers used this occasion to extend best wishes to the entire HTIC ohana for an enjoyable and successful Winter 2008 Term.

Each term a special Convocation theme that relates to our mission statement is selected and carried through in activities throughout that term. This term’s theme was “Becoming a Global Citizen!” Convocation attendees were encouraged to participate in activities, both on campus and off, that foster the skills and knowledge necessary to be competent global citizens.

This month HTIC also extends a warm aloha to the 23 SHIP students from Japan who arrived on January 4 for a two-month stay at HTIC and the 20 Hanyang University students who will arrive from Seoul, Korea on January 23 to study in an intensive 3-week program. We hope the classes for all these students successfully challenge them to become more fluent in the English language and that each day brings fun, new friends, and adventures as global citizens living in a foreign country.

Other new faces on campus this term are the Kapiolani Community College Freeman Japan Program participants: Grace Bezilla, Amber Miller, Jaemi-lise Yoshioka, Anthony Dowdell, James Edmondson, Jason Hoe, Derek Luangrath, Charles Monsell, Scott Pirscher, Alex Shanklin, and Jason Testa; and the Freeman China Program participants, Kalinda Matthews-Harris, Layae-Ann Tobosa, Shannon Cuadro, Jessie Brockl, and Jennifer Klung. Students in the Japan program are also HTIC students as they are enrolled in Dr. Wendy Matsumura’s History 251, History of Japan, and are scheduled to continue their language studies at Tokai University's Shonan campus in Shizuoka, Japan from April 1 through July 31. We hope their time at HTIC assists in their development as global citizens and prepares them to study abroad successfully.

Joining us on campus this term are several new adjunct faculty: Toake Endoh and Minoru Kimoto, and returning adjunct faculty Jeanie Bouthillier, Robert Peters, and John White.

Best wishes to all for an intellectually fruitful winter term that results in inspired global citizens!

2008/1/2 14:49:38

The students, faculty and staff at HTIC decorated a holiday banner for the soldiers of the U.S. Naval forces VP 47-CM02 (Kaneohe Marine Corps Base), who are spending this season apart from their family and friends in Hawaii. The 325 soldiers of VP 47-CM02, who are known as the “Golden Swordsmen,” are commanded by CDR Steve Deal. The banner (shown above left), decorated with Japanese, Hawaiian, Korean, Samoan, and English messages, was sent in mid-December to the soldiers' site of deployment at Tallil Air Base in Iraq, which is located 310 kilometers southeast of Baghdad.

The idea for a holiday banner was proposed by HTIC Learning Center Head Librarian, Loraine Oribio, who saw its creation as the perfect opportunity for students to become more politically-aware and geographically-informed global citizens. Ms. Oribio reserved space in the learning center for the banner so students, faculty and staff could write messages of good wishes and encouragement to these soldiers, all separated from family and friends in and around Honolulu, Hawaii during the December-January holiday season.

2007/12/17 13:52:47

Hawaii Tokai International College held its Fall Commencement Ceremony on Saturday, December 8, 2007 at 4:00 pm in the college’s auditorium. Nineteen students received their Associate in Arts degree at the ceremonies.

The highlight of the afternoon’s ceremonies came in the speeches by graduating students, Takahisa Koike and Takaaki Honda, who were selected by their classmates to speak on behalf of their class. Takahisa ended his speech with a reference to American pop culture, saying: “Finally, I conclude my HTIC life. The tuition fee is $3,050. The dormitory room fee is $1,200. The meal coupon fee is $500. My experiences here at HTIC... priceless.”

Takaaki, in his thoughtfully reflective remarks, encapsulated the essence of a liberal arts education when he noted that “my life in this school influenced me to think at all times. I was always forced to think about the meanings of all things.”

Students completing their studies were: Maaya Abe, Aya Fujii, Yasuko Fujii, Kento Ishida, Shunsuke Kinoshita, Takahisa Koike, Tsuyoshi Matsumura, Hiroshi Nakamura, Itsuki Shibakiri*, Yumiko Uchino, Takuma Hirako, Takaaki Honda*, Mirei Kasai*, Daisuke Kinoshita*, Daijiro Komatsu, Shu Hikichi*, Seira Nakayama*, Yuriko Ohno*, and Tetsuya Yamamoto. Ten of the graduates will continue their education at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, four will complete their studies at Tokai University campuses in Japan, and one student will attend Hawaii Healing Arts College.

*Honors graduates who maintained a cumulative GPA of 3.65 or higher.

2007/12/11 16:55:41

HTIC’s Annual Alumni “Pau Hana” gathering took place on November 28, 2007 in the 19th floor reception hall. Faculty and staff joined the returning alumni, including two mothers accompanied by their children—Ms Lydia Shepherd, who currently works at HTIC as a staff member in the International Programs office and Ms Yuki Shoji, who completed her Associate in Arts degree in 2000 and her baccalaureate degree from the University of Hawaii in 2003. Most of the other alumni in attendance at the Pau Hana are currently completing their studies at the University of Hawaii and elsewhere in Hawaii, or are successfully employed in Honolulu. It was rewarding to learn of their many successes.

Ms Birgit Neldner, another HTIC alumna from Europe, missed the Nov. 28th Pau Hana but stopped by HTIC later in that week to catch up with classmates, faculty and staff. Birgit, who is from Germany, completed her Associate in Arts degree at HTIC before transferring to Arizona State University where she earned a bachelor's degree in travel industry management. After graduating from Arizona State, Birgit returned to Hawaii to do an internship at the Kahala Mandarin Hotel. Birgit now lives in Germany and is employed as a travel agent. She tries to return to Hawaii each fall. This year she ran the 10K portion of the Honolulu Marathon and tells us she plans to return next year to complete the entire run!

HTIC invites its alumni to send periodic updates and news about education, employment, and family. Many HTIC graduates live overseas making return visits difficult, but the College welcomes returning alumni and/or updates from alumni at any time during the year.

2007/11/2 17:42:24

In late October, Hawaii Tokai International College’s Chancellor Naoto Yoshikawa announced the start of a new study abroad program, called the “Japanese Language and Cultural Immersion Program.” This program will enable enrolled HTIC students to participate in the “Japanese Language Course for Foreign Students” offered at Tokai University’s Shonan Campus for four months of intensive Japanese-language training.

In addition to the intensive Japanese language instruction they will receive daily, students will be able to participate in cultural activities, such as attending the Kabuki, Keyaki Noh, and other traditional Japanese arts. They will reside in the international dorms on Shonan Campus, which currently houses exchange students from all over the world, including Korea, Russia, Denmark, China, Bulgaria, and Thailand.

Chancellor Yoshikawa explained the significance of the program saying, “For students who want to study Japanese history, anthropology, or language in the future, the rigorous language training that this program offers will be extremely beneficial to their future endeavors. They will gain a deep cultural understanding and awareness, not only of the Japanese people, but of people from many different parts of the world by living and studying with them every day.”

Upon completion of the program, students will return to HTIC and conduct a Japanese language presentation on a topic of their choice. Students who successfully complete the program will receive 12 HTIC credits, and will resume their studies in the Liberal Arts program from the Summer II term (from the beginning of August).

The cost of the program will be equivalent to the cost of one term at HTIC, plus travel expenses and food costs.

Interested persons should contact HTIC through the website: http://www.hawaiitokai.edu/modules/inquirysp/

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