2008/11/21 17:20:02

In the evening of November 20, HTIC staff and faculty gathered with college alumni to celebrate a traditional Thanksgiving dinner complete with turkey and dressing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, and pumpkin pie. The dinner offered an excellent chance for staff and faculty to reconnect with graduates and learn about the accomplishments these former HTIC students have made, the challenges some have faced, and the rewards many have reaped as they have continued their education and entered into promising new careers.

A total of fifteen alumni attended the dinner. Most were recent 2007 and 2008 graduates now attending the University of Hawaii at Manoa in baccalaureate degree programs such as Marketing, TIM (Travel Industry Management), Business, and Economics. The others were from earlier graduating classes, and have completed their education and now work in fields including travel and college education. One alumna, Ms. Sakurako Yagi (Class ’05), now works for an NGO involved in community service.

It was great to visit with these alumni. The College looks forward to seeing even more graduates at its next alumni event, an overseas gathering scheduled for Japan next March 2009.

2008/11/21 16:26:44

On November 8, 2008 the 5th All Hawaii State Kendo Championship (AHSKC) was held on the Big Island in Hilo at the Stanley Costales Gym. This state-wide tournament began in 2000 and is held every other year on the different islands of Hawaii. This year, HTIC's very own Student Support Specialist, Andrew Fujimoto, placed first in his division (3rd Degree black belt and above) and went on to win as the grand champion. This is Andrew’s second time as grand champion. Congratulations Andrew!

Andrew is currently working on starting a Kendo club at Hawaii Tokai International College and is now looking for members interested in participating. If anyone is interested, please see Andrew in the Student Services Office!

2008/11/20 16:11:00

Scary witches, princesses, teletubbies, and even a suit-wearing horse were just a few of the costumes worn by contestants at the 2008 Halloween costume contest held in the HTIC cafeteria at noon on Friday, October 31. Prizes were given to the best in the categories of scariest, most original, most creative, cutest, and funniest. The five winners of each category, chosen by a panel of staff and faculty judges, were awarded gifts from Karen’s Kitchen. After the contest, the students enjoyed taking pictures with fellow students before returning to class and then awaiting the continuation of festivities in the evening.

Halloween festivities continued from 6:30 pm in the 9th floor auditorium. After introductions by student government officials, students once again flaunted their costumes for another costume contest, this one judged by the students themselves. After the winners were announced, students were treated to a talent show featuring members of the student body. There were laughs by a comedy duo, Daiki Kawamura and Shun Kamijo, a hula show by Minami Yamaya and Mami Amano, and even a musical duet by Yuta Abe and Kenshi Ichinomori. The final portion of the evening included games coordinated by the student government.

HTIC students and staff wish to give a special thanks to “Karen’s Kitchen” for accommodating the costume contest and for Karen's generous prize donations!

2008/10/30 18:11:09

This Fall Term, students in Core 4 of the College Preparatory Program, which is HTIC's ESL program for non-native speakers of English, have been visiting Queen Ka'ahumanu Elementary School once each week to provide one-on-one English language instruction for that school's ELL Program.

The HTIC College Prep students, with the support of Ms. Diane Murakami, are teaching basic English to some of the culturally diverse international students who are a part of the Queen Ka'ahumanu student body. The HTIC students, in turn, are learning the value of doing something special for their local community. This service learning activity is proving to be a fun and educational experience for all involved.

Mr Nick Delzotto, the Coordinator of the College Prep Program, invites all to follow the impressions and reflections of the program participants by reading and commenting on the HTIC Service Learning Blog, http://portfolio.hawaiitokai.edu/service/weblog/. (Please note, some students have restricted their blogs to Logged In users only, please email Mr. Delzotto for a username and password.)

To view pictures of the Core 4 students in the Rainbow Room at Queen Ka’ahumanu go to http://picasaweb.google.com/hawaiitokai/Core4ServiceLearning# .

Here are some interesting blog excerpts:

"The student I taught second was a Korean boy. We studied about the universe and planets in the solar system. Since astronomy is my favorite subject, I tried very hard to make my student interested in the content by testing his understanding and giving him some profound knowledge. At first, he seemed not to be interested in the topic so much, but he gradually took a positive attitude toward my lecture. This let my teaching go on smoothly. Actually he was a very smart student because he asked me many questions actively about the stars and the space. I hope he could have an effective learning time during my lecture."


"When she encountered words she could not pronounce and understand, during reading, she did some actions to indicate her feeling. For instance, she stopped reading and looked at me. These signals meant 'I do not know this. Please teach me.' They were using nonverbal communication just like what we learned about in our Intercultural Communication Class! Therefore, I could receive her signs. It means that I could help her."


"When, I asked 'What color is this fire truck?' I expected that he would answer that 'The truck is red.' At first, he answered that but then he continued answering. 'The truck has purple, green, and yellow.' I couldn’t understand the meaning of his answer. Then, I noticed that a switch inside of the truck was painted purple, green and yellow. Adults tend see things with common sense. However, children will not filter their answers and they will try to see the whole of the object. That’s why I think children are pure. They will not judge objects with their common sense."


2008/10/29 17:25:52

Fourteen HTIC students, one alumnus, and HTIC's Student Support Specialist, Andrew Fujimoto, participated in the "2008 Painting Party Zone Project" held at Stevenson Middle School on Oct 18. The HTIC contingent was part of over 100 community volunteers who came out and donated time to paint over graffiti and make the middle school a more attractive place for its students and for those who live in the surrounding community.

The volunteering event began with a short introduction and meeting. The HTIC students then picked up their paintbrushes and rollers and began about four non-stop hours of clean-up work. The event was tiring but the students had fun while learning the value of helping out in the community. A cameraman from KHNL News 8 filmed HTIC student Ryohei Tayama vigorously scrubbing paint off the floor. Just seconds before, Ryohei was seen taking a break. This led to his friends sharing a good laugh at his expense as they accused him of showing off for the camera. All looked forward to seeing their classmate and possibly themselves on the 6:00 news.

The student volunteers reportedly had a great time working for a great cause. The College is proud of these students for learning the value of community service. The fifteen students who volunteered for this event included Masato Ariga and members and supporters of the Hawaii Tokai Baseball Team: Riki Fujimori, Ryohei Tayama, Kota Hobara, Masashi Kimura, Kenshi Ichinomori, Terumasa Kanzaki, Hirofumi Takasaki, Shun Kamijyo, Ryohei Nishida, Risa Funato, Akiko Fukuwa, Haruka Suzuki, Aine Takeuchi and HTIC alumnus, Takahisa Koike.

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