2013/9/25 16:29:49

The upcoming Alumni Gathering for the Tokai University Alumni Association Hawaii Chapter and HTIC Alumni Association will be held as follows:

Date/Time: 10/3 (Thurs) 18:30
Place: Hawaii Tokai International College - 19th fl.
Contact Person: Koji (Jet) Nakamura

We hope to see you there!


<< 東海大学同窓会ハワイ支部、およびHTIC同窓会開催のお知らせ>>

日時: 10月3日(木曜日) 18時30分
場所: ハワイ東海インターナショナルカレッジ(HTIC) 19階
連絡先:Koji (Jet) Nakamura


2013/8/23 17:27:01

HTIC graduate Mr. Ken Hamanaka, who went on to earn his bachelor's degree in physical education from West Virginia University in 2013, has just been hired as a new assistant coach by Lycoming College in Pennsylvania for its men's 2013-14 basketball season. The following is an excerpt from Lycoming's website: http://athletics.lycoming.edu/news/2013/7/16/MBB_0716135530.aspx

"... Hamanaka comes to Lycoming after serving as a student manager for the West Virginia University men's basketball team for the past three seasons. At West Virginia, Hamanaka conducted individual workouts and also helped with videotape assessment, practice organization and operation under legendary head coach Bob Huggins. He was inducted into the Golden Key International Honor Society in 2010 and earned a bachelor's degree in physical education in 2013.

"... Before West Virginia, Hamanaka attended Hawaii Tokai International College in Honolulu, where he served as the president of the Student Government in 2009-10 and earned induction into Phi Theta Kappa. A native of Tokyo, Japan, Hamanaka attended Tokai University Sugao High School, where he helped the basketball team win the Championship of Tokyo in 2007."

Congratulations Ken!

2013/6/17 9:25:22

Poems, stories, people and places real and imagined. Thoughtful, heartfelt, whimsical—these are the work of students enrolled in Creative Writing in Spring 2013. Students choose what they consider their best writing from the course for publication in the annual literary review. From homages to the people who matter to them, to poems about their favorite pastimes, in the pages of the latest edition of the Hawaii Tokai Review you will glimpse what HTIC students think, feel, care about, and dream as they strive to express their ideas creatively.

(Picture is of Students Enrolled in ENG 204, Spr'13 Term)

2013/5/29 16:13:48

On Mother's Day weekend 2013, a running team from HTIC participated in the first ever Ekiden race to be held in Hawaii. The Ekiden, a term that means “long distanced relay race” in Japanese, originated in Japan and consists of a course 26 miles long. The race has six course sections that can be run individually or in teams of up to six people. HTIC's team comprised six student members, who managed to place 10th out of over 200 teams and 1st in the category of college/university teams. Congratulations!

2012/12/3 14:39:04

On September 11, 2012, I went to Minamisanriku in Japan's Tohoku region to volunteer for three days in an area hard hit by the huge tsunami of March 11, 2012.

In Minamisanriku I stayed in temporary housing with five other young men who were about my age. Green weeds spread out across the land in front of our housing. It was a spectacular view, but I soon recognized that this was supposed to be a residential area. Houses, cars, trains, and people in this area were all swallowed up in an instant.

The survivors in Minamisanriku have not given up trying to move forward. One day, one of my friends and I visited a playground to play with the kids. These children were so energetic. It did not take any time to become friends with them. Their smiles and sounds of laughter made me smile and gave me energy. As I sat on a bench to take a rest for awhile, I recalled what their kindergarten teacher had said to me: “Kids can escape from nightmares while they are playing.” This quote has stuck with me. People can be reassured by others just by being listening to.

I did volunteer work for just three days, but I learned a lot from the people in Minamisanriku. They still have a long long way to go, however they keep moving forward in order to survive. Even though they live in a difficult situation, they never forget about showing gratitude to others.

This experience has been engraved in my heart and I want to tell my friends about what I learned through this volunteer work. I really appreciate all of the people who I met in Minamisanriku and the staff who worked at the Christian Center. Hang in there Minamisanriku, we are always with you.

by Ryota Takahashi, LA Student

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