HTIC Updates : Congratulations "Cauliflowers!"
2014/6/4 17:31:41

This past weekend (6/1/14), HTIC had two teams that ran in the Honolulu Ekiden 2014. These teams, made up of six students each, ran the total length of a marathon (26.2 miles), from the base of Diamond Head at Kapiolani Park, eastward along the coast, past popular Hanauma Bay, and as far as famous Sandy Beach before turning back.

One of the HTIC teams, "The Cauliflowers," distinguished itself by placing 4th out of 163 teams and 1st in the category of College/University teams with a time of 2:55:33 (2 hrs, 55 mins, 33 secs). Congratulations Cauliflowers!!

Congrats as well to the second HTIC team (appropriately calling themselves "HTIC"), which placed 21st out of 163 teams with a time of 3:28:32 (3 hrs, 28 mins, 32 secs).

Congratulations to all our runners!

The "Cauliflowers," pictured here, are (from left): Shunsuke Nakamura, Yamato Watanabe, Atsuki Kurosawa, Sohei Fujita, Atsuo Shinohara, and Yuya Fujiyoshi.

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