HTIC Updates : POLSCI 220 Students Attend Workshop at East West Center
2014/5/1 13:10:25

On April 9, 2014, students of POLSCI 220: “International Relations” accompanied their instructor in a visit to the East West Center (EWC) to attend a lecture/workshop organized by University of Hawaii graduate students. The guest lecturer, Dr. Barbara Watson Andaya, Professor of Asian Studies, presented the concept of “Single Ocean”—which refers to connecting the world and people beyond territorial or historical divides—and discussed potentials for international cooperation and exchange under the Single Ocean. A recent Single Ocean example would be the effort to search for the missing Flight MH370 in the Indian Ocean. The POLSCI class felt honored to participate in the thought-provoking workshop that followed the talk. Some parts of the lecture were challenging for these sophomore students, but they found the topic intriguing. The students were also impressed with the ethnic diversity of the EWC students and their “go-green” actions; e.g., bringing their own plates and utensils to use at the banquet. The class thanks Ms. Mary Hammond and Ms. Djunaidy for inviting us to this memorable event!

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