HTIC Updates : Lion King Actor Visits Arts and Culture Club on Campus
2014/3/14 11:04:25

The Arts and Culture Appreciation Club's most recent event, attendance at a performance of the Lion King, has been the club's most successful event yet, with twenty-two students in attendance. Our experience was fun and phenomenal! The actors performed beautifully, becoming one with the puppets to become the characters they portrayed. It was as if the puppets were actual animals.

After the musical, we were very fortunate to have the actor who played "Zazu," Mr. Andrew Gorrell, come to visit us at HTIC. This was a pleasant surprise! He talked about how he became an actor, where he grew up, the people he met during his tours, and about the characters he has portrayed. We were able to ask him questions that he answered thoughtfully and energetically. I am so glad we were able to have this charismatic man come to our school, and I just cannot believe that all of this happened.

When we started the Arts and Culture Appreciation Club this past year, I did not expect so many people to join, but the club has become a huge success. My fellow club officers, Desiree and Katie, have helped me a great deal in planning and promoting our activities. We have organized a Diamond Head Hike, visited the KCCís Farmerís market, and hosted a Karaoke party. The Arts and Cultural Appreciation club has helped us create new memories for ourselves and for the HTIC community. More events are planned, so please join us!
--Kiana Y., Club President

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