2016/9/23 8:10:34

Dr. Toake Endoh, HTIC professor of Political Science, was a featured speaker at a USJI (U.S.-Japan Research Institute*) seminar on "Issues Related to Immigration and Foreign Workers: Implications to Japan" in Washington, D.C., on September 12, 2016. She discussed Japan's policy for foreign nurse acceptance from a global perspective. At the reception following the event, Dr. Endoh had a brief talk with U.S. Congressman Joe Kennedy III of Massachusetts on the American values of diversity and inclusiveness. [Click photo to enlarge]

Congratulations, Dr. Endoh!


*The U.S.-Japan Research Institute (USJI) is a U.S. non-profit organization established in Washington, D.C., in 2009 through the cooperation of multiple Japanese universities. It serves as a hub for U.S.-Japanese knowledge, which it then communicates to wider audience in order to help build a better future for the international community.

2016/8/29 11:02:22

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Thanks to the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation (HART), our College Preparatory 3 class had a field trip on August 17, 2016, to the HART Rail Operations Center located next to Leeward Community College. The students were welcomed by Mr. Fujita, Project Manager, and each student was given a security clearance badge and safety gear. The students first viewed a PowerPoint overview of the Honolulu Rail Project in the Rail Operations Center conference room (while enjoying manapuas!) and learned many facts about the 20-mile and 21-station rail system. The presentation also included some technical and engineering information about the trains, guideway and facilities. The students then put on their safety gear and staff escorted the group to see the guideway, the trains, maintenance equipment and facilities, and the actual operations center. The students had a chance to ask questions and to get an up-close look at the trains. It was a rare opportunity for HTIC students to walk through the highly secured maintenance facility and to enjoy panoramic views of Pearl Harbor.

Mahalo, HART!


2016/8/24 10:48:07

HTIC welcomes Dr. Elizabeth Misao Keith as its new Dean of Instruction. Dr. Keith holds a Ph.D. in East Asian Languages and Literatures from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, she grew up bilingual in English and Japanese. She worked as a correspondent in Hawaii for NHK Japan Broadcasting Corporation for over 25 years. She's also worked in over 30 cities in the U.S. and Japan as a professional interpreter for trials and depositions for product liability cases, as well as for international conferences, business negotiations, press conferences, and media interviews. She has been invited to present workshops and papers in Japan, Singapore, the U.S., South Africa, and Kenya. Fortunately, she loves to travel! After teaching at the Centre for Transcultural Studies in Singapore from 2012-2015 alongside diverse international faculty members, her current interests are multiculturalism and cross cultural competency.

E komo mai / Yokoso / Welcome, Dr. Keith!

2016/6/28 13:36:50

HTIC hosted a Judo Camp in the Tatsuro Matsumae Auditorium from June 9-12, 2016. Coordinated by 1988 Olympic Silver Medalist Kevin Asano of Leeward Judo Club, with guidance of visiting Tokai University sensei Ryuma Asahina and support from HTIC graduate Matthew Ogata, over 80 judoka from judo clubs across Oahu gathered to practice and improve their techniques.

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2016/6/6 16:55:39

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HTIC students Hanao Ishikawa and Yohei Tanaka participated in the Mylan WTT Rec League tennis tournament in Las Vegas, May 5-8, 2016. Hanao and Yohei were invited by HTIC graduate Aru Uemura to join a tennis team in Honolulu called “Wasabi Ginger” and have been a part of the team since April. One of 80 teams from 16 different states to qualify for the Las Vegas tournament, the “Wasabi Ginger” team was one of only nine teams to win their division title and advance to the Mylan WTT Nationals to be played in Indian Wells, California (near Palm Springs), November 4-6, 2016.

CONGRATULATIONS to Hanao and Yohei and to the National Qualifier “Wasabi Ginger” team! Good luck at nationals in California in November!

Hanao and Yohei’s winning team members include team captain Kazuhiro Kurokawa, Daisuke Takagi, Donald Geil, Mary Ann Esteban, Naoto Miyazaki, Natsumi Fujii, Atsuko Sato, and Cody Kobayashi.

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