Welcome to Hawaii Tokai International College!

For all of you who wish to become global citizens, I promise that studying at Hawaii Tokai International College will be an excellent first step towards achieving your goal. At HTIC, our devoted faculty and supportive staff provide you with everything that you need to reach your highest potential. Our goals are to empower you with knowledge and skills that help you to enrich your lives after graduating from HTIC and to provide you with the best environment to develop the abilities you need to become global citizens.

At HTIC, the students, faculty, and staff cooperate in creating a friendly learning community where students are always able to enlighten themselves and further raise their intellectual levels. Every class offered has a small student-instructor ratio, and all faculty members exert themselves to improve their studentsí knowledge and skills. Furthermore, our professional counselors will guide you in making important decisions regarding your futures after graduation.

In order to live in this international society, it is important, as global citizens, to have the ability to decipher the issues surrounding us using enhanced communication abilities and critical thinking. We, at all times, ask ourselves how we can improve the curriculum to help our students develop these vital skills. Moreover, the experience that you have living here in Hawaii where East, West, and Pacific cultures meet, will help you to deepen your understanding of different cultures, which we hope will serve as the building blocks to international understanding.

We invite all of you to join our learning community.

Naoto Yoshikawa, Ph.D.
Chancellor, Hawaii Tokai International College

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