Terms and the Academic Year

Classes at HTIC are offered on a four term per year schedule.
Three full terms [FALL (Sept/Oct - Dec), WINTER (Jan - March), and SPRING (April-June)] are offered during the calendar year. Each of these terms is approximately ten weeks long.

In addition, there is a SUMMER TERM that usually runs from July to September and is composed of two sessions of intensive study that allow for special educational programs and study abroad courses.

The regular academic year begins with the Fall Term and ends with the Spring Term. Students may, however, continue through the Summer Term and take classes year round. Students may enter HTIC in any of the four terms. However, the College is currently discussing the changing the Liberal Arts Program from a quarter to a trimester system beginning in January 2016. Please contact the Office of Student Services for details.
(See Academic Calendar for each term for application deadlines.)

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