2010 Graduates

Voices of HTIC graduates / 2010

Ms. Mayumi Yoshida (Japan)

   2010 HTIC Alumna
University of Hawaii, Manoa/ Major:Travel Industry Management

When I arrived at HTIC, I was not sure about my future, but all became clear during my time there. Studying at HTIC was the first step to realizing my dream of working in the Travel Industry. The College Preparatory (C.P.) Program was a good environment for me to improve my English writing, listening, and speaking. It helped me to succeed when I entered HTIC's Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree program.

In both the C.P. and the A.A. degree programs, students have the opportunity to succeed if they apply themselves to their studies and my study there challenged me to take steps toward reaching my goals. I established good friendships and a strong support network in college. I will continue these relationships after graduation as we lived, studied, and spent time together and helped each other through troubled times.

We had many choices of universities to which to transfer after graduation from HTIC. I was surprised about how many possibilities and opportunities there were. Nothing can replace my experiences at HTIC. I could not experience this exciting life anywhere else in the world.

Mr. Ken Hamanaka (Japan)

   2010 HTIC Alumus
West Virginia University / Major:Athletic Coaching Education

I am attending West Virginia University (WVU) right now, where my major is Athletic Coaching Education. I am also a student manager for the men's basketball team at WVU. My dream has been to become a basketball coach either in the U.S. or in Japan. When I thought about the process of how to make this dream come true, I realized that I needed to learn English first. That's why I decided to come to HTIC.

My decision to come to HTIC was definitely the right one. During my first year, I did not know any English at all and I faced difficulties communicating and living in the U.S. I cannot express how much I appreciate my teachers and the staff at HTIC who supported me throughout my time as a student there. Teachers in the College Preparatory Program taught me not only English, but also how to study and communicate with people in English. After I was accepted into HTIC, I was no longer afraid of pursuing my dream. I am now able to communicate with foreigners in English without any shyness or hesitation. That is because I am confident about my English skills. I am enjoying my college life at WVU with my American classmates. The things that I am able to do at WVU, such as communicating with foreigners and taking classes in English, are all made possible because of my time at HTIC in both the College Prep and the Liberal Arts programs. HTIC is the real gateway for people who, like myself, are trying to earn baccalaureate degrees at American colleges and make their dreams come true.

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