Voices of HTIC graduates / 2007

Mr. Tim Migaki (Oregon, USA)

   2007 HTIC Alumnus
Transferred into Bachelor of Arts Program, Willamette University / Major: Japanese Studies

Being at Tokai has been a unique experience. Not only has it given me a chance to meet different people, but it has also given me a chance to improve myself. The best things you take from Tokai are not necessarily the grades and academic scores, but rather the intangible qualities that define you as a student. You will grow, and the people at Tokai will help you with that. Due to their help, I've been able to develop many leadership qualities, and encourage everyone who comes to Tokai, to never give up, despite the challenges they will face.

Ms. Lisa Katsura (Hawaii, U.S.A.)

   2007 HTIC Alumna
Transferred into B.A. Program, University of Hawaii

As a student at Hawaii Tokai International College, I have gained many new experiences and made many new friends. At HTIC I love the small class sizes, averaging about 10 people per classes, which gives me the opportunity to get to know my professors personally.

At HTIC we also have many school activities, such as sports festival, Halloween costume dress up and many more. I also love the dormitory here at HTIC. It is very conveniently located right outside of Waikiki.

Mr. Itsuki Shibakiri(Japan)

   2007 HTIC Alumnus
University of Texas at Austin/ Major:Sport Management

I attended HTIC from Spring 2006 to Fall 2007. Ifm going to the University of Texas at Austin and majoring in Sport Management now. I would like to review what I did while I was going to HTIC. I really regret that I did not study hard enough and speak English seriously at that time. Actually, I thought I was studying hard when I was there, but I recognize now that it was not enough. So, what I want to say to prospective students of HTIC is study hard as much as you can and try to make local friends as much as you can while you are going to HTIC. I highly recommend you to go out and meet new people and use English. That is the way to make your English better and help yourself a lot in your future.

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